Our Story

Over the past 2 years, a lot has changed in our lives. We went from being in college, working out every day, to not working out at all. After having our son, working out was just an afterthought. It was difficult to find a balance between work, graduate school, traveling to see family and finding energy. We live several hours from our hometown, so we are always traveling to show off our little one. My wife, was a Division I track athlete at Northern Iowa. On top of that, she was finishing her graduate degree. The adjustment to parenting impacted her the most, as leaving our little one to workout at the gym was not going to make it on her to do list.

That’s when we began developing the Yoga Flexer System. We wanted to incorporate our favorite exercises into one - compact, lightweight and portable product. 

We raised 200% of our crowdfunding goal on Kickstarter nearly 6 months ago. This allowed us to turn our dream into a reality. Mass production is finally complete and the shipment is on its way to our warehouse. 

If you know someone that can’t find the time, energy or motivation, please share this with them! Thanks for taking the time to go over our story. 

Let’s Stretch, Flex and Roll Together!

Founders -- Anthony and Janie Kokakis 

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